Welcome to Big Baby Genius, where you can find a vetted, reliable assistant for any of your photo production needs. Please click on the cities above for profiles of assistants available in your region of interest. ?'s ph. (212) 505-5454

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Northeast Assistants:

Davide Spallina
Joe Schmoe
Suzy Stand
Southwest Assistants:

Bobby Boomoperator
Sandy Sandbag
Freddie Fresnel
Northwest Assistants:

Willy Wonka
Brendan Matthews
Sally Filter

Davide Spallina is well versed in all aspects of digital tech., with a specialty in asset management and fine-art printing.
He is available Thursday through Sundays and has a P40+ system as well as battery-powered lighting. You can contact him at david@bigbabygenius.com or (949)DAVID-99